Saturday, June 6, 2015

Registering and Fundraising for Double Bay Double 7

Last updated May 31, 2018

Register First...

It will be great to have you be a part of the Double Bay Double/Dolly Renegade Ride. We appreciate your participation and look forward to riding, volunteering, and having fun with you! Here is the link for both Roadies/Volunteers to register for the ride.

...and then Start Your Fundraising

Thank you for signing up to participate in the Double Bay Double/Dolly Renegade Ride. We appreciate your participation and look forward to riding, volunteering, and having fun with you! We use Everyday Hero as our fundraising platform. Setting up your Everyday Hero page helps us keep track of participants and helps maximize fundraising efforts so that Project Inform can continue advocating for people with HIV and Hep C while preventing new infections and promoting cure research. Below are the instructions for registering for Double Bay Double/Dolly Renegade Ride on Everyday Hero. If you have any questions please e-mail Emily Mariko-Sanders at or call 415-580-7306.

1. Go to and click SIGN UP in the upper right corner. This will take you to the “Create Your Fundraiser” page.

2. Choose a fundraiser title. You may specify “Double Bay Double/Dolly Trouble,” the name of your team, or any other text you like. The title is personal to you and can contain any text that you think will resonate with your friends/family/donors. “Free Pizza” could definitely work with mine!

3. Specify a target fundraising amount. $500 is the minimum, but we have found the higher your target goal, the more likely you are to achieve that goal. Reach for the stars, little unicorn! Then fill out the address and create your account either by clicking on the “Create with Facebook” button or by entering your e-mail address and specifying a password.

4. After you have created your account, your profile page appears. Take a few minutes to customize your profile. It is not required that you enter a picture or personal story in your profile, however it will amplify your fundraising efforts by a massive amount (I’m not sure how much but think about how much more effective putting something cute on a page is! You’re cute. Ergo…) No matter what facet of your story you pick, your donors are interested! They want to know why you are doing this crazy thing and when you are writing you might even surprise your nearest/dearest/self with your reasons!

5. Send your personalized link to everyone you know! It’s always exciting to see who wants to be a part of your experience and share in your passions! It’s hard not to be moved by the generosity of friends and the compassion of relative strangers who give! It’s very motivating and uplifting to know people are so willing to help you and to make the world a better place!


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