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Double Bay Double 7 / Dolly Renegade Ride

Last updated June 3, 2018

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The Double Bay Double/Dolly Renegade Ride is a partnership between Different Spokes/San Francisco and Project Inform, where fun, like-minded riders ride a beautiful route and raise funds for Project Inform’s HIV and Hep C programs and services. DBD/D is a fully supported ride with sweep vehicles, entertaining rest stops for water/sports drinks/snacks, and a gear truck all provided by a crew of amazingly capable, compassionate, and fun people most of whom have extensive experience in providing a superior rider experience! It’s a small ride of 50 or fewer fun cyclists. The production costs are minimal as the participants pay for their own hotel and lunches, and that means the money you raise directly supports getting to zero new HIV and Hep C infection efforts, the education of clients around the country, the protection of HIV+ and Hep C+ people’s rights and health; and the development of treatment and cure research.

This year’s route has us start in the Presidio of San Francisco, make our way down the Peninsula, cross the Dumbarton Bridge, and work our way through the beautiful California landscape of the East Bay to Walnut Creek, where we'll have a BBQ and spend the night. Sunday, we head up north to wine country, cross the Carquinez Bridge into the North Bay, head over towards Petaluma, and then out to Olema on the Marin coast, down the Marin Peninsula, and finally back to The City via the Golden Gate Bridge! Yes! YES!

  • You ride faster when you smell strawberries or ocean air.
  • You may be reticent to do __(insert any endurance event here) _ but once you hear it’s for charity you’ve already grabbed your shoes.
  • You ask drivers to turn up their radios so you can listen while you ride alongside them.
  • You can’t pass a bakery/cheese/__(enter favorite vice here)__ shop even if you’re a part of a long ride or BECAUSE you’re on a long ride.
  • You believe it’s good karma to help people whether it’s changing a newbie’s flat, directing traffic when there’s a hazard on the road or other do-gooder action.
  • You have laughed until water comes out nose while riding and/or volunteering (maybe repeatedly).


Do I have to be a member of Different Spokes San Francisco to participate in DBD?
No, but anyone who wants to can join DSSF here.

What's the route?

Day 1 | Day 2

Please be aware that we are looking into an alternate route for the Hwy 37 section of Day 2

The route is still subject to last-minute changes that might not get reflected in these maps. You will receive up to date route sheets on each morning of the ride. The routes are not marked so you will need to pay attention to the route sheets and look for our Moto Safety team who will be providing guidance at various junctures.

Is there a rider limit?
Yes. The event is limited to a maximum of 50 riders. Sign up before it fills up. Instructions for registering here.

What is the fundraising minimum?
The fundraising minimum for riders is $500 but we are hoping that each rider sets $1000 as their goal so that we can reach the target of $25,000 for this ride! That is huge for an organization of our size! Because corporate matching donations can take several months to process, please work on these early so they count towards your fundraising total by the start of the ride. There will be incentives for those who dream bigger so prepare to hear about those!

I want to volunteer. Where do I sign up?
Please contact Emily at or 415-580-7306. Tell us what you're interested in doing to be part of the event. The most common volunteer roles are SAG driver (including caboose), rest stop volunteer, bike tech, and Route/Moto Safety but we're open to other ideas that you might have! Like the riders you do supply your own transportation, meals and lodging but there are ways of doing that inexpensively. Let’s talk about it!

Are roadies (volunteer staff) required to register and fundraise?
No fundraising minimum is required of roadies, however everything you raise will benefit Project Inform’s getting to zero new infections HIV and Hep C and support of those who suffer these diseases. Your friends and family want to donate to a cause that leads you to volunteer!

What rules of the road do we follow?
Although we are not AIDS/LifeCycle, we follow the ALC Code of Conduct and Safety Guidelines. Specifically, we stop at all stop signs and red signals, we ride single-file at all times, and we do not do pacelines. We want to keep our reputation as one of the ‘good ones.’

Where do I stay at the end of Day 1?
Day 1 officially ends at the Holiday Inn Express, Walnut Creek. On this ride you pay for your own accommodations so there are many options. Most of us will stay at the Holiday Inn Express at our rate of $149 for a King or 2 doubles. Please click here to reserve ASAP. Select which type of room you would like and the discount will be applied.

You are also free to stay elsewhere in the area. Just let us know where you will be staying so that we know where you are. Like your parents…we worry. Also, you can choose to return home for the night, but, if you do so, make sure you are back in the area before our 6:45 AM meet time on Day 2.

What do I do with my bike at the end of Day 1?
You take it with you to your accommodations. The Holiday Inn was just remodeled so they were concerned that I let you know that damage to the carpet or walls there may incur a $40-100 cleaning fee. They were told that none of our participants are filthy beasts. Well, at least not on the outside.

What about food and beverages?
Perhaps more than other rides, we tend to be particularly food- and beverage-focused. We may have even been referred to as the Tour De Pastry or Cheese in the past! Our folks know where the good food is and will show you the way! The basics are that each rest stop will have a selection of snacks, water and sports drink. For lunch you pick up what you want. On the first day, there is a great market at Rest Stop 2 where many of us will buy our lunch to enjoy at the park at Rest Stop 3, but there will be other options as well. As to dinner, you are free to do what you like as there are many restaurants in the area, but we are arranging a BBQ at the hotel so that we may revel together! The next morning the hotel provides breakfast. If you require any other supplies (like more cheese or beverages), there is a Sprouts Supermarket within easy walking distance of the hotel. Our crew will find the best bakeries and cafes along the way! We’re like truffle pigs for... well... truffles and other goodies.

How much can I pack?
There is no weight limit, but please limit your packed belongings to one bag as we have limited space for them. You can pack lightly as you only need something to wear to dinner, your Day 2 cycling apparel, any special nutrition that you use, toiletries, medications, a couple of spare tubes, bike lights if you plan on riding around town after dark, and any specialized bike products not easily found on the road. Labeling your bag so you or your ridemates can find it easily will make things MUCH easier.

What if I can't finish a day in time?
We will have SAG vehicles on the route that can transport you to the end of Day 1 or Day 2, but the timing is dependent on their availability. Alternately, you can choose to call a friend or a service to pick you up -- but if you do, you must notify a DBD official so that we are aware of your situation. Once again, we care about where you are and if you are safe.

Can I ride after sunset?
The route closes at 6:30 PM sharp each day. For your safety and that of our crew, if you are still on the route at sunset, you must stop and wait for a SAG vehicle to retrieve you. The rest stop closing times help enforce finishing each day in time. If you choose to ride around town on your own after sunset, legal lighting is required.

Can I get a ride to skip part of the route?
Possibly. If SAG vehicles are not being used for anything more urgent, they might be able to give you a lift if you are running behind schedule. On ALC, they say SAG can’t be your taxi service as they need to be available for their other duties first, and even on a small ride like this we will try to accommodate you but other duties must come first.

What types of support will be available?
There will be rest stops at regular intervals to supply you with the basics. Additionally we will have several SAG drivers driving along the route and at most rest stops. Most will have basic supplies such as water, ice, light snacks, and some basic bicycle equipment such as a floor pump. In some cases, the SAG vehicle can transport you to a nearby location if you are unable to continue riding. Please note, however, that the SAG vehicles are not a personal taxi service, and if you decide to leave the event, it is your responsibility to get transportation for you and your bicycle back to San Francisco or other location. Depending on volunteer availability, we may have bike technicians available for at least part of the weekend. Our crew is made up of amazing volunteers who are donating their time and supplies and are helping make your ride a success. Please adore and feed them cookies accordingly.

What happens on ride morning?
You will bring your bike, spare tubes, snacks, gear, full water bottles, shoes, helmet, gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. to Sports Basement Presidio. Carpool if possible. You should plan to arrive at the parking lot BEHIND Sports Basement by 6 AM so that you have plenty of time to unload your bike and gear, check in, attend a safety training/route overview, and get route sheets. We will ride out as a group at 7 AM sharp. If you arrive late and still plan to be part of the event, please call event dispatch to let them know that you are still on the event.

Where do I park during the event?
Sports Basement Presidio is providing us with free parking for the duration of the event. Please make sure that you park BEHIND the building as that is the space they have allotted for us. This is an open parking lot so just to be safe from break-ins, do NOT leave anything valuable, especially in plain sight, in your vehicle.

Are toilets available at Sports Basement and along the route?
Project Inform is springing for a porta-toilet in the parking lot, but in case of a line, you might want to take care of things at any of the nearly gas stations (Lombard St). Like ALC, we encourage riders to use only facilities like porta-toilets and regular restrooms and our rest stops coincide with businesses or parks where we might use the facilities.

Will we ride if it's raining?
Probably yes. We will cancel a day of the ride only if there are severe conditions that pose an imminent danger to riders and volunteers.

What's the weather going to be like?
Weather in Northern California can be especially fickle. We will be traveling through many of the region's microclimates so almost anything is possible, ranging from chilly drizzle along the coast and in the mountains to dry summertime heat in the pasturelands and inland hills.

Is the route marked?
We don’t have the crew to do pavement arrows, signs, or other markings. On some parts of the route, you will see pavement arrows of various colors and styles; but these are for other events to other destinations so please do not follow them. Please refer to your route sheet frequently during the ride; consider a map holder/binder clips and/or stick with other participants. Warning: this may lead to enjoying yourself even more! Our Moto team has kept us safe and on course and we expect that to continue.

Will we encounter other events along the route?
Possibly, and we will keep participants aware as we can.

How fast do I need to ride?
This ride is designed for riders who can maintain an average pace of at least 12 mph on flat to rolling terrain. We love all cyclists, but the 12 mph pace is necessary to complete each day's route before sunset. (More importantly you want to be at ‘camp’ for DINNER!)

Are hotels available near the meeting location?
If you are coming from outside San Francisco, you might want to consider getting a hotel for the night before the ride, as we leave early. Several hotels are available in a variety of price ranges within five minutes of Sports Basement Presidio; any of the online booking services can steer you in the proper direction.

Can I transfer my DBD registration to someone else?
No. If you are unable to ride in DBD for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. If we reach our 50-rider limit, we will maintain a waiting list, and we will contact the person at the top of the list. That person must register and fulfill their own $500 fundraising minimum before September 20.

Who is the DBD staff?
DBD is fully volunteer-run with support from Project Inform staff so please be patient if we don't answer your question or resolve your issue right away. Project Inform processes DBD registrations and handles fundraising through Everyday Hero. Questions? Contact Emily Mariko-Sanders at or 415-580-7306.


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